How to Add Shopify Products to Google Shopping

These quick instructions show you how to add your products to Google Shopping. They include setting up a Google Merchant Centre account and why this is necessary.

We are using Shopify as an example, but the instructions can be used for WordPress or other store.


1. Get the Google Shopping App from the Shopify Apps Store 

This App was made by shopify so will not cause you any problems. Just click Get, then Install app. Follow the prompts

Google Shopping
At a certain point it will ask you to sign up for a Google Merchant Account.

You are probably thinking “Why would I need a Merchant account, I don’t want to sell my products through Google, I just want them to be listed on their Shopping space”. Well, Google Shopping actually gets a lot of details about your product including shipping for different countries and taxes etc so they have the full picture when displaying your product. Even though they will direct the buyer to your store if they do click end up clicking it.


Google Shopping


2. Sign Up for Google Merchant Centre

Go to: and click ‘SIGN IN’.
If you don’t have an account, it will forward you to the sign up form

Google Shopping

Google Shopping

Follow the steps and you will finally get to the Google Merchant Centre Home. No need to do anything further here

Google Shopping


3. Confirm Account

Now go back to Shopify and Enter the Merchant ID and click ‘Confirm your account’

Google Shopping


4. Follow Remaining Shopify App Steps

Now the Shopify app will give you some directions to complete the process. I’m going to paste them all here for the benefit of those not using Shopify.

Just follow these instructions:


Step 1. Log into your Google Merchant Center head to the Shipping section.

Google Shopping

Step 2. Select Shipping Services and add a new shipping rate.

Google Shopping


Step 3. Define the shipping method, making sure that the name you enter matches what is in your Shopify settings.

Google Shopping

The third field ‘Name’ can be found in Shopify > Settings > Shipping

I.e. Your Name for the below account would be ‘australia wide standard post.’

Google Shopping


Google Shopping

In Australia, our product has free shipping so:

Google Shopping

Add as many shipping options as you have. We couldn’t find a way to add for example flat rate international shipping or regional shipping. We could only add 1 country at a time.


Google Shopping
5. Test Shipping Rates

Once you have set up your shipping rates, go back to Shopify and click Test shipping rates to continue.


6. Publish

On the next page, click on Publish.

Google Shopping


7. Fix errors

You’ll probably receive some sort of error. Click on the product link to fix it.

Once done, click Publish.

Google Shopping
In our case, Google said we hadn’t selected a Product Category. Please fix as needed.

Google Shopping


8. Enter More Details into Google Merchant Centre

Complete the following for good measure:

Upload a logo under Business information > Logo

Google Shopping


Specify Tax settings for the United States under Tax >

Google Shopping


9. Link your AdWords account.

You can do this if in the future you a premium listing on Google Shopping Listing.

In your Merchant Center account, click the 3-dot icon and select ‘Account linking’.

If its not already showing up, enter the AdWords ID you want to link. The ID can be found at the top of any AdWords page .

Click Add.


10. Check

Check that the request is being processed.

Go to Shopify> Google Shopping >

It should say ‘Published’ in green

Click on the product listing, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ‘View in merchant Centre’
It should say status ‘Pending’

Google Shopping

Check back in a few hours. If you have any issues, please let me know in the comments.

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