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With restaurants reopening around the world, new procedures are being implemented in all types of dining establishments to deal with our new normal post-Covid-19. One of the biggest considerations in this reopening period is your menu and ordering options. Whilst many restaurants are choosing to simplify menus, for the time being, the menu itself is one of the biggest changes you will need to make at this time. Reusable menus are no longer a hygienic option and pose a huge risk of spreading germs. Whilst disposable menus are one option many restaurants are considering, the cost and environmental factors of these need to be taken into consideration.

Today we are going to showcase different covid menu options for your restaurant or hotel. Regardless of whether you own a traditional table service restaurant, bar or quick-service establishment, these apps, screens and QR menu options are all worth taking into consideration. These offer contactless ordering solutions, which protect the safety of both your staff and patrons and allow your business to reopen following this difficult period of time. It’s an exciting time for many businesses who are keen to welcome guests back, and we hope to help you in making reopening a success.


binwise qr menu

About Binwise: Binwise creates aesthetically pleasing digital menus for your bar or restaurant. They are optimized for use on smartphones, tablets and web browsers, and don’t require an app download or hardware installation from the user. Binwise takes care of the design of your menu, so you simply have to input your menu items and prices. Once you have uploaded your menu into the system, your restaurant will also receive additional exposure through their website.

Pricing: Contact Binwise for pricing information. A free demo can be booked on




Guests using the Orderlina QR Menu solution at a local restaurant

About Orderlina: If you are looking for a covid-19 menu option, Orderlina iѕ a dуnаmiс ordering app which can provide your guests with a simple and efficient ordering experience. Since the covid restaurant closures, they have also added a takeaway and delivery solution which can be self-managed. Users only need to scan the QR code to order from their table or hotel room. As a web-based solution, Orderlina provides restaurants and bars with the ability to receive orders right from their social media pages.

Pricing: Orderlina is free for up to 200 views per month, and then $19-$99 per month depending on the size of your venue.

More info:


About TouchBistro: If you are looking for an alternative option in addition to QR menus, TouchBistro provides digital screen solutions for a covid contactless menu. These are perfect for bars and quick-service venues, and you can create stylized and sleek menus for an easy ordering solution. By potentially minimizing your menus during this time, staff interaction times can also be reduced.

Pricing: Digital Menu Screens start from $20 per month per location

More info:



About Tafferly: Tafferly allows you to design and print a contactless menu flyer for your restaurant in three easy steps. Simply send them your restaurant menu, choose your design, and your QR code menus will be printed and ready to place around your restaurant. Tafferly runs without an app or a monthly subscription, and guests simply scan your poster at the restaurant to view the menu. Tafferly still believes in traditional waiting service and standards but is looking to minimise contact time between servers and guests.

Pricing: Currently working in Germany, the UK and Turkey, a one-time payment of 250 Euros and then 2-5 Euros per flyer is required.

More info:

About claims to be able to create your restaurant’s menu in just three minutes, and can be viewed from any smartphone. Used by 250,000 brands around the world such as Coca-Cola and Walmart, this is a trusted brand that can provide you with analytics for your QR code if needed. They also have the additional feature of screening guests before visiting by filling in a form, to ensure all of your guests are asymptomatic at the time of visit. They will allow you to create a custom mobile contactless menu which can be placed on tents, walls and windows.

Pricing: 14-day free trial and then you will be offered a discounted price of up to 2 QR codes for around $50 a year

More info:


About Menumiz: Menumiz is a restaurant management app that allows you to create digital menus and speed up your ordering system. The system can allow for self-service ordering, payments and even sending the kitchen instructions. They help restaurants deliver efficient and high-quality service to their guests, and ensure that users get paid with no issues from their online orders.

Pricing: 5 different plans available on their site, including one free plan

More info:


About Scanova: Scanova offers a QR Code Generator account for many types of business needs. Their site makes it easy to adjust and edit QR Codes as needed to allow for ever-changing menus in your restaurant. Their site allows personalization of QR codes, including color, logos and background images. This enables you to make a branded QR code or alternatively you can upgrade and use their Dynamic QR Code, which allows you to update content anytime you need to.

Pricing: Three different packages are available. These are priced at $15/$50/$100 per month, dependant on your needs.

More info:


These are just a few of the best options that are currently online for restaurants in this post-covid era. Many of these sites offer online chat, free demos and detailed instructions, so don’t worry if you are not tech-savvy yet. This has been a difficult year for many people in the hospitality industry, but we are hopeful that business around the world will continue to pick up in the second half of 2020. We wish you the best of luck with your restaurant or hotel reopening, and encourage you to keep your staff and guests’ health in mind at all times!

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